Tune-Up Utilities – The 10 Best for PC

Mar 16, 2018

Tune-Up Utilities for PC

There is a misconception that a PC should start up quickly and perform at peak levels, regardless of the abuse we give them. As long as we have the latest chip-set and a bunch of RAM memory, our computers should be faster than the other guy’s computer. The life of a computer simply does not work in such a way. A computer is a machine and like all machines, it requires maintenance. Most users are familiar with “disk defragmenter” and “disk cleanup” tools that come stock with Windows operating systems, but we are here to inform you that all PC computers need more than stock tools to perform optimally. Enter tune-up utility software to save the day.

What Is The Problem With My PC?

A client recently stated that her computer is running notably slower than when she bought it only 3 weeks ago and that she was thinking of taking the computer back to the retailer to swap it out for a “better one.” Her laptop has one of the latest processors and 8Gb of RAM memory, yet upon quick observation, it was running as slowly as a Commodore 64. (Anyone remember those?) She asked what was wrong with her laptop and the response given was, well, “You.” Would you attempt to drive your car without changing the oil, without changing the tires, or without filling it with gasoline? Of course not, because you know that without regular maintenance, your car will first give you some signs that it isn’t very happy, and then it will fail you completely. Without regular maintenance, your computer will do exactly the same. Whether your computer is a dinosaur or a rocket ship gaming system, you need to use tune-up utilities to ensure its health and performance with be optimal.

Where Do I Change The Oil?

Fortunately, computers do not require oil changes, though some of the more modern gaming systems need to flush their coolant liquid from time to time. There is no need to get your hands dirty while maintaining the health of your system, thanks to tune-up utilities that are readily available on the market.

What Do Tune-Up Utilities Do?

A tune-up utility is software that performs routines that reverse or repair the effects of daily use. Computers become “clogged” when we install, uninstall, modify, etc., various programs and apps. These processes leave empty folders, a confused registry, heavy startup processes, and a fragmented hard-drive to help slow down even the most common of computer tasks. Additionally, individual programs load up caches with gigabytes worth of useless information and files. Over time, the operating system begins choking on all of the unorganized junk on your hard-drive and drivers begin to fail due to lack of resources. Most users consider purchasing a new computer when their system begins to have issues. This is not necessary in most cases and before investing money in a new computer, it is worth your while to use one of many tune-up utilities to bring your system back to life!

What Did You Say?

The typical computer user does not know detailed information concerning registries, the defragmentation of hard-drives, the inner workings of caching systems, etc., so how may the typical user identify what his or her computer needs in order to operate correctly? We do not have to know about all of these technical aspects of computer operation because our list of tune-up utilities cover all of the bases for you! Though there are many free tune-up utilities available, the price points for fully-featured tune-up utilities are low, an average price being around $30.00. The following is a list of the most highly recommended tune-up utilities available today along with their current pricing.

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Iolo System Mechanic: $49.95

Norton Utilities: $49.99

Anvisoft Cloud System Booster: $23.00

AVG TuneUp: $29.99

Ashampoo WinOptimizer: $39.99

SlimWare Utilities: $29.97

IObit Advanced SystemCare Pro: $19.99

Comodo PC Tuneup: $19.99

Kromtech PCKeeper Live: $59.94

Glary Utilities Pro: $19.97

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