5 Important Facebook Tips

Jan 12, 2018

Just about everyone in the world has heard of the online social platform named Facebook. Almost everyone in the modern world (more than 2 billion people!) has an account with Facebook. It is important to know how to use Facebook for your purposes. Understand what Facebook does and how to make it work best for you. The following is a list of 5 tips for using Facebook.

1. Facebook Privacy Settings

It is critical that all Facebook users understand their privacy settings. Do not rely on the default settings to protect your privacy. You should review the privacy settings and limit the reach of personal posts. It is our recommendation to limit the reach of personal posts to the “Friends Only” setting. The setting “Friends of Friends” reaches millions and millions of FB users and this may not be what you want. Be sure to look at all of your privacy settings on FB and adjust to your preferences.

2. Hide Users, Games, Polls, etc.

It is often that FB will insert promotional content into your activity feed. The FB pages and games that you have joined also send automated messages to your wall. Hide unwanted messages by hovering your mouse over the top-right of the post and then click “Hide”. Hiding unwanted messages in the FB activity feed will improve your overall experience.

3. Update Notification Settings

By updating the FB notification settings, you will help to lessen the messages coming to your email inbox and cell phone. By default, FB displays wall postings based on your activity with friends. Adjust these settings by clicking Account>Account Settings>Notifications.

4. Be Careful What You Post

It is amazing to see certain FB users posting private information on their activity walls. What’s more, they sometimes post private information on the activity walls of others. Do not do this for any reason at all. We must all realize that FB is a service that is free and one in which we volunteer to participate. The best rule is to assume that all information that one posts in Facebook is public for the entire world to see.

5. Tagging Photos

When you upload an image to Facebook, you have the option to ‘tag’ friends that may appear in the photograph. Tagging a friend in a photo automatically adds that image to that friend’s FB activity feed or wall. Never tag someone who is not in a photograph, of course. This tagging feature is an easy way to instantly share photographs with friends and family.

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