5 Tricks for Using Internet Browsers

Jan 19, 2018

Internet Browser Tricks

We all view websites using software to browse the Internet. It is important to understand how to best use ‘browsers’ to maximize your experience. This article focuses on 5 Internet Browser Tricks to help you browse more efficiently. At XJM Studio, we highly recommend using the Google Chrome browser. The following is a list, in order of popularity, of the top 5 browsers being used today:

  1. Mozilla Firefox
  2. Google Chrome
  3. Opera
  4. Microsoft Edge
  5. Microsoft Internet Explorer

1. Tabbed Browsing

All major browsers have the ‘tabbed browsing’ feature. Tabs enable a browser to display more than one web page at a time. Be careful not to open too many tabs in your browser, as each browser tab increases the use of RAM memory.

2. You Do Not Need To Type The Website Protocol

Another in our list of Internet Browser Tricks is to not type the website protocol when entering a website address into your browser. The protocol is the “http://www” or “https://www” part of a website address. For example, it is not necessary to type the complete website address of our company website: https://www.xjmstudio.com. Instead, simply type XJMStudio.com and your browser will do the rest!

3. Searching In The Address Bar

Many users are not aware that the address bar of a browser also serves as a search bar. Type whatever you wish in the search bar, press ‘Enter’ and results will display based on the default search engine established in your browser.

4. Extensions, Plugins And Add-ons

Another of our Internet Browser Tricks is to extend the functionality of your browser by way of installing extensions, plugins and add-ons. Extensions, plugins and add-ons are pieces of software that install into your browser to allow your browser to perform beyond its default state. For example, if you wish to receive Facebook messages without being logged into your FB page, there is an extension for that. There are literally thousands of extensions, plugins, and add-ons available for all browsers. Click here to view extensions available for Google Chrome.

5. Protect Yourself

The most important of our Internet Browser Tricks is to protect yourself with anti-virus software. Most popular anti-virus software brands offer extensions that install directly into your browsers to protect from malicious attacks by surfing virus-infested websites. Check your browser now to see if you have the latest anti-virus installed and running properly.

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