Free Alternative Programs for PC

Feb 2, 2018

Free Alternative Programs

There are literally millions of free and open source programs available for anyone to use. Free alternative programs are those one may use instead of using a paid version of the same program. At minimum is a free version similar to a leading paid version. The following is a list which we hope helps to improve your productivity while reducing your expenses.

Best Office Suite

Though most of the business world uses with Microsoft Office, there is an alternative. Open Office. Open Office is an open-source project that contains a complete suite of office software. This software rivals the expensive Microsoft Office Suite. Try Open Office today!


Audio Editing

While XJM Studio prefers to use ‘heavy’ software to edit and to produce audio files, there is a great free alternative named Audacity. Install and enjoy Audacity!


Image Editing

There are probably more image editing programs available than we can list. For a free alternate program solution, we choose GIMP, the GNU Image Manipulation Program. Have fun manipulating your photographs with GIMP!


FTP Utility

FTP programs are used to connect directly to servers, whether a website hosting server or a cloud server. Of all the programs available, we choose FileZilla. Enjoy the speed and ease of using FileZilla!


Email Software

The Microsoft Office suite holds the majority market share when it comes to email software with its program named Outlook. Of the free email programs available, we choose Mozilla Thunderbird. Install Thunderbird on all of your devices!


Compression Utility

We have all heard of compression utilities such as win-zip and win-rar, but a fantastic compression utility that ranks as the best for us is 7-Zip. Use 7-Zip to create smaller and more compressed files.


Internet Browsers

Microsoft Windows comes pre-packed with Internet Explorer and Microsoft Edge to view pages on the Internet. We do not recommend the use of either. To begin with, those programs require a ton of RAM memory to operate. In addition, they do not always display websites in the layout format intended by the website designers. On this topic, we prefer Google Chrome, though Mozilla Firefox is a very close second place!



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