Beginner Computer Mistakes

Feb 23, 2018

Beginner Computer Mistakes – How to Avoid Them!

In this article, we discuss some of the more common beginner computer mistakes and how we can avoid them.

Not Creating Backups

One of the most common of all beginner computer mistakes is not backing up data. Whether you are working on a website or just want to ensure that all the data on your computer is safe and secure, you should make regular backups. As Internet speeds and security have improved in the last few years, it is very easy to backup just about any types of data to the ‘cloud’. You may also schedule backups to execute while you are not using your computer. Start making backups so that you never have to worry about losing your information!

Not Saving Work

Common among beginner computer mistakes is not saving your work as you are working. It is very easy to spend hours working on a lengthy document or graphics file and it is risky business not periodically saving your work. There is a long list of things that can happen to crash your computer and if you haven’t saved a recent version of your work, it will be gone forever…

Not Properly Shutting Down Your Computer

Another of the beginner computer mistakes is not properly shutting down your computer. We have all been in the situation where we are working away on our laptop and then have to pack it up quickly to go somewhere. Well, we all know that holding down the start button for 5 seconds will kill the laptop almost instantly. But doing so not only fragments the information on your hard drive, but it can be potentially dangerous to the physical components inside your computer as well. Just do not do this!

Installing Bad Software

One of the most avoidable of all beginner computer mistakes also takes place millions of times every single day. People love installing software to see what it can do, yet most have absolutely no idea what all is included with the software being installed. Before installing ANY program, it is best to research the program on the Internet firstly. Know what you are installing!

Clicking OK Without Reading First

This issue goes hand in hand with the above beginner computer mistakes. Not only do we sometimes install software without knowing what it really is, but we are so dumbed-down with the installation process that we do not take the time to carefully examine what is being done each step of the installation process. While installing any piece of software, including software from reputable sources, please take a few extra seconds to see what you are agreeing to in each of the steps.

Opening Email Attachments

What in the world could possibly go wrong while opening an email attachment if I am running a good antivirus program? Everything. This issue is one of the most disastrous of the beginner computer mistakes. If you are not certain of an attachment to any email, do not open it inside of your email software. Instead, save it to your computer and run a virus scan on it before opening. This may save you a lot of heartache!

Not Using A Surge Protector Or UPS

An often overlooked issue in our list of beginner computer mistakes is not using some kind of electrical protection for your computer and peripheral devices such as printers. A little known fact about electricity is that though you believe that you are receiving 120 volts via your electrical outlet, the truth is that this voltage continually fluctuates. Aside of an electrical event such as a lightning strike, such common fluctuations in voltage can be damaging to your computer. Use a surge protector or a UPS (universal power supply) for your computer and all peripheral devices! Read more detailed information about Universal Power Supplies here.

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