Google Search Tips

Mar 2, 2018

Google Search Tips

What is the Google search engine? We all know that Google has the most powerful search engine on the planet, but do we really know how to use it? Sure, put in a key word or key phrase and hit the ‘search’ button for results. But is that all there is to Google’s search? Not nearly. Google search is a tool that does much more than just search for key words. This article shows many of the helpful features in Google searches that most people know nothing about. Enjoy the following google search tips!

Google Search Tips Group 1

  • Search social media platforms by including an “@” symbol. Example: @twitter
  • Search for a price by including a currency symbol such as “$”. Example: leather purse $500
  • Search hashtags on all social media platforms by including the “#” symbol. Example: #throwbackthursday
  • Search for an exact match by putting your criteria in quotes. Example: “Ibanez guitar”
  • Search within a range of numbers by including “..” in between criteria. Example: leather purse $100..$500
  • Combine search criteria by including “OR”. Example: Ibanez OR Fender

Google Search Tips Group 2

  • Search for a related site by including “related:” before a known domain name. Example: related:time.com
  • View a cached version of a website by including “cache:” before a domain name.
  • Eliminate certain words from results by including “-” and a word with the criteria. Example: jaguar -car
  • Compare food with side by side nutritional facts, etc., by putting “vs” in between criteria. Example: rice vs quinoa
  • Use “DEFINE:” to display definitions. Example: DEFINE:decidedly
  • Search images using uploaded images via the camera button in Google search.

Google Search Tips Group 3

  • Find regional/local information such as weather, movies, restaurants, etc., by including a zip code, city or state with search criteria. Example: weather 30303 (gives the local weather forecast for Atlanta, GA)
  • Search a telephone number to discover the name and address associated with the number.
  • Enter an airline and flight number to retrieve its current status. Example: delta 1234
  • Enter a file type to display results of only that file type. This is a great tool for finding online manuals in pdf format. Example: fileType:pdf iPhone X
  • Typing almost any mathematical equation will instantly return the correct answer. Example: 100+200 (will display 300)
  • Display stock quotes, pricing, charts, etc., by entering the stock symbol. Example: msft (returns information about Microsoft stocks)


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